New government: political reactions – Le Journal du week-end

Four days after the appointment of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister, the composition of the new government was unveiled on Friday. The main ministers are well known to the French. Obviously, the opponents did not mince their words. “All dull and gray appearances, without audacity and with little imprint, we find there the main figures of social mistreatment and the ecological irresponsibility of the previous government” painted Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Sébastien Chenu, deputy for the North of Rassemblement national, clarified: “To tell the truth, we find the eternal Dupond-Moretti, Véran, Le Maire, Darmanin, Pannier Runacher. All these people have one thing in common: they are pure liberals who are obsessed with deconstruction. France”. “Everything changes so that nothing changes. We still have a very very clear overrepresentation today of ministers from the ranks of the right. Moreover, there is no one who is commitment to the climate”, reacted Sandra Regol, the deputy national secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens.

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