Appropriation of several hundred thousand euros detected in Ventspils company – part of money lost in nightlife – Criminal news – News

She pointed out that in December last year, criminal proceedings were initiated in the Ventspils section of the VP Kurzeme Regional Office for the misappropriation of funds in the amount of several hundred thousand euros by a logistics employee of a company.

The investigation revealed that the man’s job responsibilities at the company included receiving cash from couriers, who received the money from customers, who in turn paid for the delivered goods. He had to transfer this money to the company’s account, which he initially did in good faith until the end of 2018, but then kept the money with him for about a year.

At the request of the boss, the man returned part of the misappropriated money, ie about 180,000 euros, which he kept at home in shoe boxes, but, according to him, part of the rest of the money was lost – an envelope with part of the money was lost, an envelope with about 20,000 euros had disappeared at the moment when he enjoyed the night life in Riga, while he had played the remaining money in slot machines. The man has not previously been in the sight of the police and has been subjected to a non-custodial security measure for the duration of the investigation.

According to the Criminal Law, embezzlement, if committed on a large scale, is punishable by up to ten years’ imprisonment with or without confiscation of property and supervision of probation for up to three years or without it. The amount of the penalty will be determined by the court.

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