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Approaching the Sun, This Plane Carves a Record Speed ​​of 150 km / second

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Parker Solar Probe is spacecraft specifically designed by NASA to approach Sun and research it. The plane has now recorded two records at once. Anything?

Flown in 2018, the Parker Solar Probe is now the closest spacecraft to the Sun and the second, highest speed of any spacecraft.

On April 29, the vehicle was in the closest distance to the Sun, which is 10 million kilometers from its surface. At that time, its speed reached 150 kilometers per second, making it the fastest spacecraft of all time.

Quoted detikINET from New Scientist, with such high speed, Parker Solar Probe can circle the entire Earth in just 4.5 minutes. Then it can fly from Earth to the Moon in just 40 minutes. That’s about 0.05% the speed of light.

Parker Solar Probe is still close Sun thus continuing to carve out records as the closest ride to him. At the closest distance, it is estimated that it is less than 7 million kilometers from the Sun.

Parker himself was launched in August 2018 to examine the Sun as closely as possible. Before Parker was launched, the closest distance to the Sun that the spacecraft had managed to reach was the 43 million km recorded by Helios 2 in 1976.

To protect from stings SunThere is a heat shield used by Parker called the Thermal Protection System (TPS) with a thickness of about 11 centimeters. Meanwhile, the diameter of the shield has a length of 243 centimeters.

The US space agency claims that even though the heat shield has been exposed to nearly millions of degrees Celsius heat, the temperature on its surface will only touch 1,400 degrees Celsius. While the body of the spacecraft is behind the shield, the temperature will be maintained at the level of 30 degrees Celsius.

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