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Apple Will Make Folding Screen iPhone, Order from Samsung

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Apple rumored to be developing iPhone with a folding screen. A leak on social media Weibo says Apple is ordering a large number of Samsung-made folding screens.

The screen ordered by Apple is said to be used by Apple to make a prototype iPhone with a folding screen.

On the other hand, Apple is known as a hobby of exploring various product designs that were never launched. For example, Apple had developed an HDTV before finally canceling the project.

Even recently, Apple is reportedly designing an electric car. Therefore, the existence of an iPhone with a foldable screen is still a rumor.

However, Apple is also likely to play in the foldable cellphone segment with the success of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series.

Reporting from BGR, a gadget leaker, Jon Prosser specifically said Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with two separate screen variants.

Reporting from GizmodoiPhone designers will certainly pay attention to the thickness of the folding cellphone which looks very thick when folded.

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