Apple Will Cram Lots of Features in Their Watches, What Are?

Thursday, 02 September 2021 – 22:09 WIB

Apple Watch series 4. Foto: Apple – Apple will cram a lot of features on the Apple Watch, such as measuring blood pressure, temperature, bedtime, and blood sugar.

Some of the new features planned for release in 2022 will involve adding a new sensor on the Apple Watch.

Apple wants to develop a sensor that can act as a proxy for measuring blood pressure without hurting the user’s wrist.

Blood pressure measurement has been Apple’s plan for years.

In 2016, Apple also filed a patent application for a blood pressure monitor.

Not only that, Apple will also add a temperature sensor to its watches this year.

The addition of the feature involves fertility tracking so it is hoped that smartwatches will be able to detect fever in users.

More fully, Apple wants to expand its blood oxygen and sleep time tracking capabilities.



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