Apple Watch Series 9: Faster Processor, Increased Storage, and Enhanced Display

Apple Watch Series 9: Faster Processor, Increased Storage, and Enhanced Display

Written by Muhammad Ayman Friday, September 22, 2023 03:00 AM Apple used a 64-bit dual-core S8 processor in the Series 8 last year, which was no different from the S7 or S6 in Apple watches Previous, but with the Series 9, Apple says the S9 SiP delivers noticeable improvements across the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine.


Apple hasn’t given a specific measure of how faster the S9’s CPU is compared to the S8, but it has 5.6 billion transistors — 60% more than the S8.

As for the S9’s GPU, Apple says it’s 30% faster than the S8 and that the neural engine is twice as fast.


Two other benefits if you’re coming from any of the older Apple Watch models are the increased storage capacity to 64GB and the ultra-wide second-generation chip with the Series 9.

the screen

Apple Watch Series 9 continues with the same sizes launched with Apple Watch Series 7, which are 45 and 41 mm and a larger display that is 20% larger than the Series 4-6/SE and 50% larger than the Series 3.

The main difference in the Series 9 Apple Watch display is that the brightness has doubled from 1,000 to 2,000 nits, and Apple also says that graphics on the Series 9 display will be smoother than ever thanks to the new GPU in the S9 SiP.

Apple watch band

For bands, loops, and bracelets, bands designed for previous generation Apple Watch sizes 38/40/41 and 42/44/45 mm will work with Apple Watch Series 9.

Battery life and charging

First introduced with the Apple Watch 7 and continuing with the Apple Watch Series 8 and 9, it charges 33% faster than the Series 6 and earlier, meaning it goes from 0-80% in 45 minutes instead of about 60 minutes.

If you’re interested in using the Apple Watch Series 9 or 8 for sleep tracking, you’ll also get 8 hours of use from an 8-minute charge (Urtla and Urtla 2, too).

New to the Apple Watch Series 9 is on-device Siri processing for faster responses and better security. There’s also a new double-tap gesture to use the wearable with one hand more easily, though the latter won’t arrive until a software update is released in October.

However, anyone with a Series 3 or later can use a double-tap-like gesture feature called Quick Actions.

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