Public Prosecutor of Appeal in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, Continues Judicial Work Despite Dismissal Decision

Once again, the Public Prosecutor of Appeal in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, attracted attention, after her insistence on continuing her judicial work inside the Palace of Justice in Baabda, despite the decision to dismiss her from service.

Aoun rebelled
With a wide smile on her face, high confidence, and a clear “rebellion”, Aoun headed towards the Palace of Justice, at exactly eleven o’clock in the morning, to complete her judicial sessions that she had set for the date of this day, Monday, May 8.

The Disciplinary Council, headed by Judge Jamal Al-Hajjar, had issued a decision dismissing her from service on Thursday, May 4, due to the accumulation of her judicial violations, including: “her travel to France without permission, her refusal to be informed of the date of her trials, her permanent failure to attend these sessions, and her non-compliance with the plaintiff’s decisions.” The discriminatory general, Judge Ghassan Oweidat..”.

Aoun, known for her constant rebellion against judicial decisions, and for being the most controversial figure within the judiciary, decided to continue her work normally, after she appealed the dismissal decision issued against her. They include lawyer Bushra Al-Khalil, who announced her solidarity with her on this day, in addition to a group of judges who declared their solidarity with her.

Al-Modon tried to contact Aoun in order to obtain additional details about its sessions scheduled for today, but it apologized for its preoccupation with the investigation sessions, saying: “I hope that we will communicate later, as I am in the investigation sessions.”

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Expansion of investigations
According to Al-Modon’s information, the number of interrogation sessions set by Aoun today reached 8 sessions. She was supposed to interrogate each of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank of Beirut, Samir Sfeir, Director General of the Bank of Lebanon and Overseas, Saad Azhari, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Societe Generale, Anton Sehnaoui, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank Audi, Samir Hanna. They are the directors of some Lebanese banks against whom Aoun has claimed and continues to prosecute them, although many of them have refused to appear before her.

Al-Modon has learned that Aoun has scheduled an interrogation session for Raya Al-Hassan, as a “defendant”, for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9, and she is the chairwoman of the Board of Directors at BankMediterranean.

Chasing banks
According to Al-Modon’s sources following Aoun’s hearings, the latter decided to expand these investigations and write down testimonies to collect all the required information. It seems that it is determined to prosecute these banks for the crimes of “money laundering, illegal enrichment, breach of trust and violation of the monetary and credit law.”

Close associates of Judge Aoun assured Al-Modon that she has been following her sessions since eleven in the morning until the writing of this report, and a group of agents and heads of these banks appeared before her. and written submissions, such as pro forma defenses.”

It is assumed that Raya Al-Hassan will appear before Aoun tomorrow, after being legally informed of the date of the session, but Al-Modon’s sources confirmed that the latter will take judicial measures against Al-Hassan in the event that she fails to attend her session.

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It can be said that Judge Aoun is no longer interested in the decision to dismiss her from service. And the sources that accompanied her today inside the Palace of Justice in Baabda confirm that a state of calm dominated her, and she decided to exercise her judicial duties as if nothing had happened, and that she gave up the state of anger that accompanied her since last Thursday. Therefore, I decided to confront and provided the necessary teachings and judicial signals to follow this file to the end. This means that Aoun will not back down from pursuing her investigations into the banking case.

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