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Antonio Tejado’s Lawyer Denies Rumors of Face-to-Face with María del Monte Amidst Arrest Controversy

The entry into provisional prison of Antonio Tejado has brought brutal media pressure on María del Monte’s nephew. With this, despite the fact that the family of the imprisoned man has defended his presumption of innocence At all times, numerous rumors and information have begun to surface that those close to him have confirmed or denied, as appropriate. On the last occasion, it was Tejado’s lawyer who had to deny one of the most recent rumors: that requested a face to face between his client and María del Monte.

This is how the lawyer spoke this Friday on ‘Let’s see’, a program in which some images have been broadcast in which he assures that at no time has the possibility of Antonio Tejado being in front of his aunt been contemplated. Likewise, the lawyer has indicated on several occasions that his client would not make any statement, which is why rumors have begun to spread through the media in this context.

In turn, the lawyer has added that Antonio Tejado will receive, next Saturday, a visit from his mother and brother, and has stressed that among the contact telephone numbers that Tejado has left does not include that of María del Mountain.

“Self-stimulating” when arrested?

Another of the strongest rumors that have been heard about Antonio Tejado was the one that maintained that, at the precise moment in which he was detained by the authorities, he was self-stimulating. However, Ana Rosa Quintana, from the set of ‘TardeAR’, disproved this hypothesis providing new data.

The space produced by Mediaset España in collaboration with Unicorn Content explored, with Manuel Marlasca via live connection, the loot that Antonio Tejado took from María del Monte’s home. Precisely focused on the moment of arrest, the journalist has listed all the objects that the agents collected from Antonio Tejado’s house when they proceeded to take him to the dungeons.

Among the items seized during the arrest that have been made known are two mobile phones, two motorcycle keys, a silver chain, two radar detectors, a gold chain, an external hard drive, a laptop, a Play Station 5 and a watch. “There is no trace of sexual objects there.“Ana Rosa Quintana wanted to clarify regarding the latest information. “There were no vibrators. There was nothing strange, there was no no type of sexual object nor anything strange within their reach as has been said,” Marlasca clarified, for his part.

In this sense, the journalist assured that no type of erotic toy was found nor was he on a video call with two “self-satisfying” women. “It is not like that, Antonio’s arrest was among the most absolute normality“, he stated, going so far as to add that the police intervention was during the morning and that he was asleep when the authorities entered his home.

So what really happened? This Tuesday, the journalist Beatriz Cortazar intervened in ‘It’s Federico’s morning’ to reveal information on this matter. There, remembering an interview that Gaby Sánchez, Tellado’s ex-partner, gave, she pointed out that “their relationship ended up leading to something similar to polyamory.” The collaborator added that Tejado started her romance with Sánchez by videoconference, something that she apparently liked a lot, and that the media They can’t be “so explicit” about what the Sevillian was doing with the telephone. However, he shared a very revealing clue: “When they arrested him, They found him with two cell phones, one in each hand, and in a double conversation“Cortázar then confirmed that the Police entered Tejado’s house “suddenly” and without prior notice.

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