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Annual Covid vaccination: check the calendar for the week of October 17th

Although the country is already in the opening phase, vaccinations against Covid-19 continue in our country to contain serious cases, and so on. today it was announced who continues in the schedule of bivalent vaccines, inoculations that contain both the original Wuhan dose and the Omicron variant and which are for the population at risk in the context of National PNI vaccination program.

As announced two weeks ago, In this first phase, the vaccine will be intended for healthcare personnel and immunosuppressed people, and then with the arrival of further remittances, the next phases will begin, which will include the over 60s and the chronically ill.

As published by Minsal, the schedule with the bivalent vaccine is as follows:

From the week of October 17th to 23rd can be inoculated Healthcare workers and immunosuppressed people they received your main scheme until June 26, 2022, or have received at least one booster dose until May 1, 2022.

As for immunosuppressed people, they can be vaccinated from 12 years of age, with the following conditions or diagnosis:

  • Patients with autoimmune diseases receiving biological, small molecule and corticosteroid treatments.
  • Solid organ transplant patients: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas.
  • Patients transplanted from hematopoietic precursors.
  • Cancer patients being treated (radiotherapy, chemotherapy or hormone therapy).
  • Patients on dialysis (heme or peritoneum).

Vaccination will be carried out in public and private vaccination outpatient clinics.

In addition to the bivalent vaccine, continue inoculation with the third and fourth dose. Check the detail on the Minsal website at the following link: Covid-19 vaccination calendars.

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