Ukraine attacks the Russian power plant in Belgorod


Explosions are observed in a Russian power plant hit by Ukrainian artillery fire. Photo / Telegram / vvgladkov

FLY – A Ukrainian artillery shell hit a power plant in the Russian city of Belgorod, not far from the Ukrainian border. The shooting resulted in a large fire at the site.

Photos and videos posted on social media showed huge flames hovering around the plant with a thick cloud of black smoke rising into the night sky.

One video in particular shows the moment when an artillery shell hit the structure, causing a massive explosion.

The extent of the damage is unclear. The power plant has a capacity of 110 kW, according to the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov. The governor also said the fire at the plant was immediately put out.

“Local emergency services are now redirecting energy supplies,” Gladkov said.

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He estimates that the power service will be restored in about four hours. “The local water supply system is not affected, because they use reserve resources,” she said.

Earlier on Friday, residents in a district of Belgorod city reported a blackout. Local residents also spoke of the sound of a powerful explosion.

The incident occurred the day after an apartment building was hit and damaged in another Ukrainian shooting in Belgorod. There were no accidents that resulted in casualties.

The Belgorod region has been the subject of repeated artillery and drone attacks by Ukrainian forces since the outbreak of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev in late February.

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