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Anna Mucha was to get a role in “M jak milosc” for a bottle of alcohol. “Kuba Wojewódzki asked”

Anna Mucha She started her career very early, when she was still a little girl. The real breakthrough in her career turned out to be the role in “M jak miłość”. The actress has been playing the role of Magda Marszałek for 17 years. It is true that the protagonist of Mucha disappeared from the script several times, but to the audience’s delight she always came back. As Ilona Łepkowska admitted years later, the actress’s partner at the time, i.e. Kuba Wojewódzki, wanted to help her get a series.

Anna Mucha and her beginnings in “M jak miłość”

Ilona Łepkowska created “M jak miłość” for many years and she is considered the mother of the series’ success. From time to time, the screenwriter publicly mentions the backstage of the production. Most often the media is interested in her conflict with Małgorzata Kożuchowska.

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This time, Łepkowska referred to rumors that Anna Mucha would have a role in the series thanks to Kuba Wojewódzki.

I didn’t get anything for it, although I will say right away that I was supposed to get it – says Łepkowska. – It was all around. Kuba Wojewódzki asked my friend about it. He called me and said, “I have a bottle of alcohol for you as an attachment to this request.” I said ok. The topic of young students in “M jak miłość” was just developing, so I knew that Mucha would fit there. I suggested that she play – she told in the program “Stars without a mask”.

Ultimately, Łepkowska did not receive any alcohol. Mucha, on the other hand, was given the role “absolutely sincerely, without any bribery”.

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