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The replacement for Libelle in ‘The Masked Singer’ is already ready …

The graceful Libelle had to retire on Friday. It is being replaced by the energy bomb of the Cotton Candy

Photo: vtm

The graceful and graceful Libelle had to leave the stage of ‘The Masked Singer’ on Friday evening. TV-watching Flanders could discover that presenter Dina Tersago put down the figure. Now her replacement has been announced: Cotton candy.

“I am disappointed in myself, but I understood the choice at that moment. The suit hindered my dancing, and that also makes you more uncomfortable singing ”, said Dina Tersago after the second episode of ‘The Masked Singer’. “No matter how well I had prepared myself, it really shocked me. It is difficult to move, your balance is lost. ”

The replacement for Libelle in 'The Masked Singer' is already ready
Photo: vtm

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Somehow the presenter is also happy that she no longer has to keep silent about her participation in the program. “I can’t lie very well,” she said. “Keeping it up for weeks seems pretty difficult.”

Whether the next character will have less trouble there is still to be seen. The new figure is ‘Cotton candy’. We can guess who will be wearing the colorful suit for the time being, but she already lifts a corner of the veil:

“Everything sweet? Fancy a piece of cotton candy? Or are you not sweet-toothed? Maybe let me go for a while, I still have to go a while. All that sugar is great, right? It makes people so happy. Although nowadays I have to pay more attention to my figure. I see life through rose-colored glasses. Although it is not always rose scent and moonshine. I have tons of energy. As a result, I sometimes get completely crazy. But that can serve me well here. I am a real sugar bomb and let it explode. ”

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