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Ann-Margret, 82, Reveals Her Love for Speed and Her Lavender Harley-Davidson

Ann-Margret: Living Life in the Fast Lane

Ann-Margret, the beloved actress and entertainer, continues to defy aging at the age of 82. Recently, at the Women’s Image Network’s 25th Women’s Image Awards in Beverly Hills, she revealed the secret to her youthful spirit – her beloved lavender Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Embracing Speed and Style

Ann-Margret gushed to People magazine about her lavender Harley-Davidson, adorned with delicate white daisies on the back fenders and front fenders. For her, the motorcycle is not just a means of transportation, but a symbol of freedom, thrill, and the love of speed.

A Lifelong Passion

Ann-Margret’s passion for show business was ignited at a young age. Born Ann-Margret Olsson in Sweden in 1941, she moved to the United States as a child. Balancing her studies by day and performing at nightclubs in her college years, Ann-Margret was determined to prove to her parents that she was destined to become an entertainer.

A Triumph Inspired by Family

Ann-Margret credits her father for inspiring her love for motorcycles. Before her parents’ marriage, her father owned a couple of motorcycles, including an Indian and a BSA. Her uncle, her mother’s brother, also had a large motorcycle. The thrills and adventures Ann-Margret experienced riding on the back of her uncle’s bike at the age of 10 left an indelible mark on her. To this day, she cherishes the feeling of freedom and excitement that riding a motorcycle brings.

Beyond the Silver Screen

In the 1960s, Ann-Margret captivated audiences, becoming one of the most popular sex symbols of her time. Her magnetism and on-screen presence earned her roles opposite iconic stars, including Elvis Presley in the renowned film “Viva Las Vegas.”

An Unforgettable Connection

Working with Elvis Presley was a highlight of Ann-Margret’s career. She recalls a deep connection with Elvis, especially when it came to their shared passion for music. Ann-Margret vividly remembers listening to music together and moving in sync with one another. Their friendship and collaboration brought “Viva Las Vegas” to life and left a lasting impression on both of their lives.

Living with Energy and Positivity

Ann-Margret’s boundless energy and positive attitude are a testament to a life well-lived. She attributes her vibrant spirit to the values instilled in her by her parents. Their encouragement to pursue her passions and focus on the things she loves has shaped her remarkable journey.

Ann-Margret embodies the spirit of adventure, constantly seeking new experiences and embracing life’s joys. Her love for motorcycles, especially her unique and stylish Harley-Davidson, reflects her zest for life and the freedom to ride her own road.

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