ANMAT banned ethyl alcohol and liquid disinfectant – News


The National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) banned the marketing of a liquid disinfectant cleaner and an alcohol that were marketed over the Internet because Both did not have complete information on the label and no health record.

Is about “DIAMANTE Liquid Cleaner-antibacterial-disinfectant- Quaternary ammonium 0.1% – liquid solution of quaternary ammonium- ready to use- Argentine Industry “and” WS Ethyl alcohol 96ยบ graduation. Sanitizer.

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In relation to the cleaner, the provision that has the number 4900/2020 and was published today in the Official Gazette, indicated that “its commercialization was confirmed through the portal Free market“and that” its labeling lacked data identifying its manufacturer and its health registry, and there were no products registered, or in the process of being registered, that responded to such identifying data. “

Whereas on the alcohol it was verified that “the labeling referred to its use as a surface sanitizer, confirming that it lacks data identifying the manufacturing / fractionating establishment as well as its relevant sanitary registry and verified that there were no products registered as surface sanitizers or in the process of registry”.

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