News Recipe of the week: Toast Hawaii

Recipe of the week: Toast Hawaii


Which pineapple?

Yes, canned fruit is nasty, but in the case of a Hawaii toast, grabbing the canned pineapple is essential. They are juicy and cut just right. If you want the Hawaii toast to taste “as before”, you shouldn’t have a fresh one Pineapple to take. Drain before it gets on the ham.

Which cheese?

You will notice: A toast Hawaii has only 4 basic ingredients, but you can debate them for hours. It’s no different with cheese, just take the one that you like best. Toast Hawaii is often included Emmentaler made, hard-boiled even reach for it Mountain cheese.

In any case, the cheese is now placed over the pineapple, after which your toast can be put into the tube: hot air is not recommended, it is better to use top-bottom heat or the grill function. If the cheese has the right color for you (after about 5 to 8 minutes), your toast can leave the oven again.


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