4 Argentine clubs request a one-week delay in the restart of the Libertadores Cup


4 Argentine clubs participating in the group stage of the Libertadores Cup presented a letter to the Argentinian Federation, asking the Confederation of South America to postpone the resumption of its participation in the championship for a week..

The championship was suspended on March 4 after playing only two rounds of group stage due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which caused the death and injury of millions around the world..

The Argentine newspaper “OlĂ©” said that the clubs are Boca Juniors, River Plate, Tigre and Davensa I. Justicia, after the South American Football Association “Conmebolle” set the middle of next September as the date to resume the championship.

The newspaper pointed out that the clubs justified their request on the pretext that there is not yet an official date in Argentina to return to the training, which will give the competing teams a kind of preference, and the Racing Club of Argentina, who participated in the tournament, did not join the demands of the four clubs..

It is noteworthy that the “Amba” area in Buenos Aires, where the headquarters of the five Argentine teams are located, has been under quarantine for 115 days, bearing in mind that it will continue until at least the seventeenth of the current month, in light of the obligatory and disciplined social separation..

32 competing teams in the continent’s version of the Champions League will return to resume matches from September 15 without fans and according to precautionary measures established to prevent any further spread of the virus..

Most of the domestic leagues in South America have not resumed as Brazil, the country that has had the most deaths from the virus after the United States, is the only one of the main countries on the continent to have resumed football activity.

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