Anja Johansen: – About the wedding: – Obviously a bit abnormal

It’s almost six years since the flu Anja Johansen (35) and former professional swimmer Lavrans Solli (30) got engaged on Christmas Eve itself.

The couple have been together since 2013, and together they have daughters Frøya (8) and Maud (3).

Now the wedding is fast approaching, which means that most of the pieces in the wedding planning have started to fall into place.

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For many, going to the bridal salon to choose their special wedding dress is an important part of the planning. Many also choose to spend money on professional hairdressers and make-up artists on the big day.

However, Johansen can reveal that her wedding dress was bought via a recycling app, for just NOK 1,300.

– Obviously a bit abnormal

– I have never been such a “princess girl” who has wanted a big dress. I know that a wedding dress is expensive, Johansen tells Dagbladet, and adds that both the shoes and the dress for the after party are also bought cheap or used.

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However, she will have her hair fixed at the hairdresser’s, but does her make-up herself – with the help of her sister.

Johansen has calculated that she has spent under NOK 4,000 in total on outfits and styling for the wedding. She believes that this is very little compared to what many others use.

– I had a survey with my followers on Instagram, where I asked them what they had worn on themselves before their wedding. Then 80 per cent answered that they had spent over NOK 35,000. So being under NOK 4,000 is clearly a bit abnormal, she believes.

Will spend the money on something else

– What is the reason why you do not choose a brand new wedding dress?

– It’s nice to fight for recycling! The dress I found at Tise is exactly like a wedding dress, and if your budget is about to burst, you might find something used. Then you can use that money on something else.

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Johansen can say that the dinner and party will take place at the restaurant Feinschmecker in Oslo. The money saved on buying a second-hand dress is instead spent on good food and drink for the guests.

– We are very happy to be generous with our guests, and are interested in food and ingredients, so we will therefore focus on the food. Many people have said that “it’s very you”, and that’s nice to hear. We love to share with those we love. This will not be a wedding with a lot of stuff, it will just be us and those closest to Feinschmecker, she says.

Non-traditional honeymoon

The 35-year-old can also reveal where they want to go on their honeymoon. The trip goes to Rome, which Johansen refers to as their “city of love”.

The couple used to go there on a honeymoon every year, apart from the last few years due to the pandemic.

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The honeymoon, like choosing a wedding dress, will not be completely traditional either. Johansen says that they are taking a couple of friends with them on the trip.

– We are very fond of our friends, and wanted to include a few on our journey. So we go on a “friendmoon” like that, we then, she says with a laugh.

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