Anies Baswedan Has Terrible Predictions about Covid-19 in DKI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has dire projections about the Covid-19 pandemic in the capital, if the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) are relaxed.

In his statement, Anies said that without strict restrictions and with the current level of testing, the increase in daily cases in Jakarta is predicted to reach 2,000 per day by mid-October.

“While active cases will reach 20,000 in early November,” said Anies Thursday (24/9/2020).

As a comparison, the new Covid-19 cases in Jakarta today increased by 1,044, bringing the total to 66,731 people. There are 12,435 active cases per day. The addition of active cases is worrying because the hospital capacity is starting to be full at this time.

Of the total number of isolation beds in Jakarta as many as 4,812, until September 23, the percentage used was 81%. Meanwhile, of the 695 ICU beds, up to September 23, the percentage of use was 74%. Even though the World Health Organization has a recommendation for hospital occupancy rates below 60%.

On this basis, Anies Baswedan decided to again extend the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) which had been tightened in Jakarta. Anies Baswedan, conveyed that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government continues to coordinate with the Central Government in handling the COVID-19 case.

“In a coordination meeting related to anticipating the development of the COVID-19 case in Jabodetabek, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Marives) showed data that DKI Jakarta was sloping and under control, but the Bodetabek area was still increasing, so it needed to align policy steps. Coordinating Minister for Marives also approved an extension. automatically PSBB DKI Jakarta for two weeks, “he said.

Governor Anies then explained that now there are signs of lowering positive cases and active cases in Jakarta, along with the reduced mobility of residents when the PSBB is tightened. In the first 12 days of September, the increase in active cases was 49% or 3,864 cases. During the PSBB period, which was 12 days later, an increase in the number of active cases still occurred, but it decreased to 12% or 1,453 cases.

“Basing the active case chart is not the final goal. We still have to work together to break the chain of transmission. The government continues to increase 3T and citizens need to stay home first, only travel when necessary and implement 3M,” said Governor Anies.

To note, the number of positive cases increased slightly more than before, along with the increase in the number of tests. However, the number of cured cases has also increased rapidly. “The number of active cases is still increasing and needs attention, especially regarding the capacity of health facilities. What also needs to be of particular concern is the death rate which is still increasing, although it shows early signs of sloping where the death rate is currently at 2.5%,” he added.

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