Aneta Zając is afraid of hangers and Cameron Diaz is afraid of door handles. Doda and Agnieszka Chyliñska have a different phobia

They are able to perform in front of an audience of 1,000, conduct a live program or play a risky scene in a film. It may seem that actors, singers or presenters are no longer afraid of anything under such stress. And yet. Some feel fear of flying, others – of touching dry paper, and others are afraid of … holes.

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Beata Tadla is afraid of frogs

Beata Tadla’s phobia effectively prevents her from trying one of the French delicacies. The journalist in an interview with the portal admitted that she will never order frog legs, because she is terrified of frogs. The fear of amphibians is known as batrachophobia.

Beata TadlaBeata Tadla CAPiF

Kendall Jenner is afraid of clusters of holes

Kendall Jenner it will not come close to the honeycomb or the lotus flower. The model confessed that she suffered from trypophobia – the image consisting of small holes causes her anxiety. For several years, this phenomenon has been talked about more and more often, although so far it has not been classified as an official disorder.

Kendall JennerKendall Jenner YouTube

Andrzej Duda is afraid of needles

The Polish president is reluctant to stab himself. He emphasized that he had never vaccinated against the flu and generally disliked having someone approach him with a needle in the doctor’s office.

I am not a fan of a situation where someone uses a needle around my arms, forearms or any part of my body – I don’t like it. That’s the truth. And everyone who has ever taken blood from me knows it perfectly well – admitted Andrzej Duda.

Andrzej DudaAndrzej Duda Photo Grzegorz Skowronek / Agencja

Blanka Lipińska has a problem with dentists

The author of “365 days” is not thrilled when the date of a dental check-up is approaching in the calendar. Blanka Lipińska confessed on InstaStories that her dentophobia is so strong that she has ever used anesthesia.

I suffer from dentophobia (panic fear of the dentist). And it’s not just about drilling. Therefore, to save myself the stress, I bought an option with an anesthesiologist – she explained.

Blanka LipińskaBlanka Lipińska CAPiF

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Aneta Zając has a phobia related to clothes hangers

A few years ago, Aneta Zając shared an excerpt from an article on InstaStories which described that Kylie Minogue did not like the sound of clothes hangers being hung up in a wardrobe. Star “First Love” admitted that she had exactly the same problem. The actress has not revealed how she deals with this fear. In the case of Kylie Minogue, the phobia is allegedly strong enough to force the artist to spread her clothes on the floor.

Aneta ZającAneta Zając KAPiF – scatarzewa

Megan Fox does not touch the dry paper

The “Transformers” star confessed that she has a problem with touching pages that are not laminated. It costs her a lot to even review the script.

Screenplay, newspaper, anything that isn’t laminated. I have to lick my fingers all the time. When I read, I put a cup of water next to me, she said on the Jimmy Fallon show.

Megan FoxMegan Fox Instagram @meganfox

Doda and Agnieszka Chylińska are afraid to fly

Fear of airplanes is quite common and a large number of celebrities admit to it. He adds in an interview with Party, she revealed that she took part in group therapy, but even that did not help her overcome her fear. He does not like to get on a plane either Agnieszka Chyliñska.

Whenever we get in with Joanna [managerką – red.]I tell her the same thing: “This time this plane is flying too fast, I can feel it, we’ll screw it up” – reported in an interview with Magda Mołek.

Doda, Agnieszka ChylińskaDoda, Agnieszka Chylińska CAPiF

Cameron Diaz has a problem opening the door

Cameron Diaz has a phobia of germs and is concerned about contracting illnesses from touching non-disinfected surfaces. The actress not only washes her hands very often, but also allegedly cleans the toilet every day and does not touch the door handles, opening the door with her elbow.

Cameron DiazCameron Diaz camerondiaz

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