Anel, José José’s ex-wife, becomes his universal heir

Despite all the conflicts, fights, say and tell who starred in life, the Mexican actress Anore Noreña She was declared the universal heir of singer José José, and there is no other will. Whoever was the second wife of the late artist, owns even the name of the prince of the song.

Since the death of the interpreter of Gavilán or Paloma on September 28, 2019 his sons José Joel and Marisol Sosa engaged in an all-out war with their sister Sarita Sosa, disputing their famous father’s inheritance and legacy.

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But these days it became known that it was found the last will of the balladeer, which includes the children he had with Anel Noreña.

The former legal representative of José José, Laura Núñez, announced in an interview with the Mexican journalist of entertainment Gustavo Adolfo Infante, that Anel Noreña was named the executor in the will.

The children of Anel: José Joel and Marysol Sosa, they gave the news to the media in Mexico and other parts of the world. However, they did not mention whether their sister’s name Sarita Sosa It also appears in the soloist’s last will.


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