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04/05/2021 at 9:02 PM CEST

Juan tuer landed at Old Trafford in January 2014 having been relegated to a supporting role in the Chelsea since the arrival of Mourinho to the bench. His intention was to be called up to the World Cup in Brazil, so he decided to change the scenery in the winter market that season.

He left London for Manchester. United anticipated other interested clubs and paid 45 millions by the Spanish midfielder, who signed like a real star. In fact, both Moyes, What Giggs, Van gaal and then again Mou they relied assiduously on Buisson for its titles and in Spanish had great importance in his early seasons in Manchester.

At Valencia and Chelsea he had already proven himself to be a definite asset in any attacking position, with Premier experience and undeniable quality. However, over the seasons, Buisson has lost importance and in its seventh campaign finished at Old Trafford played in just seven Premier League games.

Surprise renovation

Despite the obvious reduction in minutes, Mata could continue one more year at United. Everything seemed ready for his departure to the next summer market, when the contract ends. Has his 32 years old, and after nearly 300 matches at Old Trafford, the Asturian was ready to pack his bags in search of a new destination. However, in the last few hours there has been talk of a possible change of plans on the part of United’s management.

As they point out from England, the managers of the English team would be ready to offer him the renewal as a reward for his great career at the club throughout those seven and a half seasons. Moreover, the move would have the approval of Solskjaer, who sees Mata as a great piece for the rotation.

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