André Hazes and Sarah van Soelen angry with gossip channel: ‘This is bullying’

André Hazes

Shortly afterwards she posts another story, in which she asks the question whether Hazes herself also in rehab is. But it doesn’t take long before the singer responds in his story – and to Yvonne herself. He sends her a message, which he screenshots and posts in his story.

‘I like everything you write. And you should know for yourself that you are approaching me’, he writes. ‘But what you’re doing now really isn’t possible. That girl has been clean for 1.5 years and that has been a very difficult time for her. If you were to look into addicts and people who worked on them, you might know that you really can’t just spread gossip about it.’ He thinks she is really going too far now. ‘Your obsession for me/us is really getting through to this and I kindly ask you to take this off and just use common sense once in your life,’ says Hazes.

Sarah van Soelen

Van Soelen – who has already accomplished a lot – also stands up for herself in her own story. After she shares her friend’s message herself, she posts another message of her own. “And now the jokes are ready for me. This has nothing to do with gossip anymore. This is just, as I call it, bullying!!’, she writes. ‘I’ve been clean for 1.5 years and then you’re going to post stuff like this on your insta? Where is the respect of the people.’

‘It’s great that you have an opinion about me, but your issues are not mine’, Van Soelen continues. What was bullying like for you in primary school? I wonder. Be people is positive, support each other, give compliments, make life beautiful! Girls who support girls!! I hope people start to see that they can’t just shout everything and post it on Instagram. This has to stop!!’

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