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Andalusia Extends Walk-in Vaccination Campaign for Flu and COVID-19

The Department of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Andalusia has announced that it is extending the vaccination without an appointment against the covid flu for another week to the target groups at all vaccination points in Andalusia.

The Board has described as a success the walk-in vaccination campaign against the flu launched on December 11, which has resulted in the protection against this virus of 292,302 Andalusians, which is 104.2% more than the records on the same dates of the last 2022-2023 campaign, when 143,143 were vaccinated.

Since December 11, Health and Consumer Affairs has intensified the vaccination campaign by incorporating walk-in days, both for adults and for children’s flu vaccination, and intensifying communication to the population about the benefits of protection against flu and Covid -19 through vaccination. Specifically, in the last week in which walk-in vaccinations were provided every day, the difference with the same week in 2023 was 30% more vaccinated.

Currently, Andalusia has administered 1,768,479 doses against the flu and 1,118,881 against Covid-19. In the case of childhood flu vaccination, 126,714 children have been vaccinated, which means coverage of 44.4%. In the case of those over 60 years of age, flu coverage stands at 57.3% and for Covid-19, at 41.3% (65% of those over 65 years of age have already been vaccinated against the flu). Regarding those over 85 years of age, 75.3% have been vaccinated against the flu and 57.4% against Covid-19. And finally, 90.6% of people in nursing homes have received the flu vaccine and 84.9% have received the Covid-19 vaccine.

In this sense, the Ministry appreciates, on the one hand, the responsibility of Andalusians in protecting their health who have responded to this call from the health authorities and, on the other, the work of the professionals from the health centers who have done It is possible that this campaign will develop completely normally and without setbacks. Likewise, they remember that the vaccine is the most efficient and safest tool to avoid serious illness and hospitalization.

Likewise, they emphasize that Andalusians still have time to get vaccinated against the flu and Covid-19. “From the moment we get vaccinated, our defenses are activated. In the last campaign, we recorded the peak in mid-February, so we invite Andalusians to get vaccinated. “They still have time.”

According to the provisional flu vaccination coverage data provided by the Ministry of Health as of January 18, Andalusia is above the national averages. Regarding flu vaccination of minors between 6 and 59 months, the Spanish average is 35.2%, while Andalusia reaches 44%, only surpassed by Murcia (50.2) and Galicia (51 ,6). In the case of vaccination in people over 65 years of age, the national average is 63% and the Andalusian average is 64.7%, in eighth position.

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs emphasizes the importance of protecting ourselves against acute respiratory infections. This week, precisely, the incidence rate of these viruses per 100,000 inhabitants has increased in Andalusia compared to the previous week, going from 459 cases to 621. An increase that has also been registered at the national level, from 923 to 926.6 . “These data imply that we must still be on alert against respiratory viruses. For this reason, we insist, vaccination is the best tool to combat them.”

On the other hand, Health emphasizes immunization against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, the main cause of bronchiolitis. Thanks to the campaign that began in September, and which has reached coverage of more than 90%, this year hospitalizations due to this virus in Andalusia have fallen by 78%. Therefore, they also encourage parents and guardians of children under six months and newborns to immunize their children against this virus.

Health Responds

The information and advice campaign for the population on how to act against influenza, influenza-A or Covid-19 launched by the 061 Health Emergency Center has recorded more than 7,600 calls, of which a thousand have required assistance after listening to the speech. Andalusian citizens will be able to learn how to act in the event of respiratory infections, receiving advice to deal with the most common symptoms through the telephone number 955 545 060 and the Salud Responde application.

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