An insurance company employee made up an accident and conspired with insurance fraud… request for investigation

The police launched an investigation after it was revealed that an employee of a Samsung Fire & Marine subsidiary had faked a traffic accident and participated in insurance fraud.

According to the insurance industry on the 14th, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance requested the police at the end of last month to investigate the fact that, in a recent self-investigation, an employee of a damage adjuster affiliated with a subsidiary worked with an insurance policyholder to make up false traffic accident documents and pay insurance money.

As a result of the Samsung Fire investigation, it was revealed that employee A had to pay 5 million won in insurance money to the motorcyclist after making false documents as if a car crashed into a motorcycle in June.

The company believed that there would be additional insurance fraud cases in which Mr. A participated and requested an investigation to the police last month.

A Samsung Fire official said, “This is an insurance fraud case caused by the personal deviance of an employee of a subsidiary company.

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