More delegations to Taiwan after Nancy Pelosi | After Nancy Pelosi, more US lawmakers visit Taiwan amid tensions with China

Washington DC: More US legal delegations arrived in Taiwan 12 days after Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. In protest at Pelosi’s visit, China had conducted military exercises and deployed warplanes in the Taiwan Strait. The arrival of more delegations could lead to an escalation of violence.

The panel includes US lawyers Ed Markey, John Garamendi, Alan Lowenthal, Don Baer and Omua Amata. Pelosi’s visit was on August 2. Before this, in 1997, an American speaker came to Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had criticized Pelosi’s visit saying that the US is making a harmful and provocative move.

Pelosi said that her visit to Taiwan was not about China and was part of her friendship with Taiwan. But Pelosi added that the United States is ready to help Taiwan. The U.S. also deployed warships in eastern Taiwan as China made its show of force.

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