America Overestimates Russia’s Threat to Ukraine


China: America Overestimates Russia’s Threat to Ukraine FOTO/

BEIJING China accuse United States of America (US) “plays the threat of war and creates tension”. Beijing made the accusations after US President Joe Biden warned that more than 150,000 troops Russia are still gathering near the Ukrainian border, following Moscow’s announcement of a partial withdrawal of their troops.

“Such constant notification and disinformation by some Western countries will create turbulence and uncertainty for a challenging world, and intensify distress and division,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters at a regular briefing in Beijing. Wednesday (16/2/2022).

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“We hope the relevant parties will stop such disinformation campaigns and do more to benefit peace, mutual trust and cooperation,” Wenbin continued, as quoted by Reuters.

“The leadership of the two heads of state, China and Russia, has always worked to develop long-term good neighborly relations and mutually beneficial cooperative relations on the basis of non-alliance, non-confrontation and non-targeting of third countries,” he added.

Previously, China had been criticized for its stance on Ukraine by several Western leaders, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Australia has also asked China to take a stand about the steps Russia is taking on the Ukrainian border.

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Western countries have suggested gun control and confidence-building measures to ease the impasse, which has prompted them to urge their citizens to leave Ukraine because an attack could come at any time.

Russia itself has repeatedly denied having any plans to attack. On Wednesday morning, Russia announced the withdrawal of a number of troops and their combat equipment from Belarus and Crimea. However, this move was met with skepticism by the West.


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