Amber Alert Baja California, Agustín Ayran Ledesma Arellano 12 years old

TIJUANA, FEBRUARY 6, 2023.- The Baja California Attorney General’s Office has activated an Amber Alert to locate Agustín Ayran Ledesma Arellano, 12 years old.

The support of citizens and the media is required to find the whereabouts of the minor, since he is in a vulnerable situation and may be the victim of a crime, or suffer damage to his health.

According to the report, on February 4, 2023, the minor left without authorization from the Casa Hogar Niños del Camino, in the frac. Cueros de Venado in Tijuana, Baja California, since then his whereabouts have been unknown.

Agustín Ayran Ledesma Arellano is Mexican, 12 years old, Light brown complexion, light brown eyes, bushy eyebrows, short straight dark brown hair, height 1.60 meters, weight 60 kilograms, robust build.

Distinctive signs: scar on left elbow and burns on both ankles, wears glasses and blinks constantly when not wearing them.

Outfit: shorts with blue and gray stripes, white shirt with orange stripes, black vest, sandals and socks.

Any information related to this search, please report it to the telephone number of emergencies 911that of anonymous complaint 089, or to the number 664-683-9643 extension 2, or by email: [email protected]

Any information that helps to locate the person is appreciated. minor Agustin Ayran Ledesma Arellano.

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