iPhone 15 Ultra is much more than a name. An unprecedented change in the range is filtered

We have been hearing rumors of an iPhone 15 Ultra for some time. Until now we knew that it could be made of titanium, that it could have a periscopic camera and some other details. We took it for granted that, just like the Apple Watch Ultra, this last name referred to the best possible version of an iPhone. We were on the right track, but we fell short.

The most recent rumors told us that the iPhone 15 Pro Max would change its name to iPhone 15 Ultra, to simplify the number of last names and, in addition, clarify the difference between the Pro model and the Pro Max model. It would be so because we expect more differences than just size, but Apple’s plans would go further, and also the iPhone range.

A bigger, higher-priced iPhone

As Mark Gurman tells us in the latest edition of your Power On newsletterApple would be planning to add a third high-end phone to next year’s generation. An iPhone 16 Ultra that would have better features, even, and a higher price. This is stated by the Bloomberg reporter, who comments that Apple is considering the change for 2024:

“But instead of rebranding the Pro Max as ‘the Ultra’, Apple could add an even higher-end iPhone on top of both Pro models. Internally, the company has talked about doing just that, potentially in time for launch. of the iPhone in 2024”.

Among the key points that would differentiate the iPhone 16 Ultra from the rest of the range, Gurman speculates that we would see even more improvements in the cameras, a faster chip, a bigger screen and maybe a portless design. Regarding the price, Gurman affirms that it will be more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which currently starts at 1,469 euros.

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Entering even more into the field of conjecture, and taking as a basis for comparison that the iPhone 14 Pro starts at 1,319 euros, the difference of 150 euros between the two models could be extrapolated to the Ultra. If so, we would be talking about an iPhone 16 Ultra for sale for 1619 euros. Very much in line with what an iPhone 14 Pro Max costs with 256 GB of storage and much less than what the variant with 512 GB or 1 TB of space costs.

For now, Apple’s plans can vary a lot and quickly, but the truth is that seeing the interest aroused by the Pro ranges on the iPhone, the move would make sense. Even better features may be attractive to a certain audience, while an even bigger screen can be too. An Ultra that clearly has to live up to his name.

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