Amber a new character in Brawl Stars. Map editor, new skins, challenges and more

As predicted, Amber, a new fire-related character, is introduced to Brawl Stars.

We’ve been talking for weeks now that the new character in BS will have a lot to do with fire, and that’s what’s happening. Amber is officially introduced to the game.

Amber a new character of Brawl Stars

Below we share a full description of the latest Brawl Talk, which tells about all the news that awaits players for Halloween.

Brawl-o-ween has landed and celebrating it, we present a new game environment on the stage of the Poco band It is a combination of Dia de los Muertos and the Mexican carnival. The stage of the Poco band is also the home of our new Zadymiary, Amber. She is a legendary Brawler and everything with her revolves around fire Competing with Poco and El Primo as a entertainer, she chose juggling and spitting fire and is not very good at it.

Its main attack is a new, unique mechanic. As long as she is aiming the attack button, she will use ammo with her fire

Her super attack throws a bottle of flammable oil that spills on the floor and she is able to set it on fire. The oil stays on the floor for a while, so it can leave it in for the right moment. Amber will be available the day after the update in both crates and the store.

As for the skins, we are releasing Underworld Bo and as you can see – ZomBibi I as they come from Supercell Make will not be seasonal like other skins in Brawloween. We also present 5 new true Silver and five true Silver. Gold skins. for Bull, Barley, Rico, Mortis and Frank. Now, pause for a moment.

That’s right, this is the moment you have been waiting for. Rosa will get her first skin! Her main model will also get new animations. This update also includes the Brawl-o-ween Challenge! in which you can earn Star Points and coins. More importantly, if you pass it, you can unlock this amazing skin in front of everyone in the world.

In addition, we have special badges for the winners, which will not be available if you do not complete the challenge. The Brawl World Finals 2020 are also ahead of us. Remember to subscribe to the new esports channel we have created, we will be able to watch the best players in the world play Brawl. To support these players, you can purchase special offers. First of all, we have a special skin, which is the Challenger Colt. Additionally, many special badges available only within these offers.

Revenue from the sale of these offers will replenish the prize pool of the finals. Up to a total of $ 1 million! Some maps will have a teleport. That will throw you across the entire map in an instant. Graveyard Shift is back and all OG players will be looking forward to the return of Life Leech. We are also releasing 10 new gadgets in the weeks following the update. Remember that before the end of Season 3, you need to collect all the rewards from the first season! Otherwise they will be collected automatically at the start of the next season Ryan, remember when you promised there would be no inclusions this time?

Unfortunately, I was lying. Danny, what are you doing…. COMING SOON IN BRAWL STARS… A MAP EDITOR! IN BETA VERSION. To learn more about Brawl maps, type #BrawlMaps on Youtube you will find many developers using this feature.

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