Amazon France Recalls Girl-Looking Sex Dolls Amid Allegations | International

ARCHIVO | Stephane from Sakutin | France Media Agency


Amazon France removed from its website “sex dolls looking like girls” after the mobilization of associations, announced on Monday French Secretary of State for Children and Families.

“As a result of the alert from the associations, which I thank, I have asked [Amazon Francia] stop marketing sex dolls in the shape of girls on your platform […] what Amazon France has done immediately by committing to remain vigilant, “he stated Adrien Taquet, in Twitter.

“Banning pedocriminality in our society is the responsibility of each one,” added the Secretary of State, who will launch an “independent commission on child sexual violence.”

Amazon France responded to the controversy

From the company, meanwhile, they indicated that “the protection of children and adolescents is a priority for us,” according to a statement sent to the France Presse agency.

“All selling partners must follow our sales policies and any violation leads to the application of appropriate measures, including especially the potential deletion of the seller’s account,” added Amazon France.

The International Association of Incest Victims he alerted on Saturday, on his Twitter account, about these “pedophile sex dolls that look like a girl”, objects “illegal since article 227-23 of the Penal Code prohibits the representation of a minor when this representation has a character pornographic”.

The association, which applauded “the quick intervention” of Adrien Taquet, also recalled that the case had already occurred in Amazon UK in 2018.

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