Savelyeva went for a spectacular transformation with blue hair

The ex-soloist of the Fabrika group could not miss the celebration in honor of the birthday of the eminent actress.

Sasha Savelyeva. Photo:

On May 20, Olesya Sudzilovskaya celebrated her 47th birthday. The ex-soloist of the Fabrika group also attended the actress’s party. Sasha Savelyeva… For the thematic holiday in honor of the birthday girl, beloved Kirill Safonov chose a bright fairy-tale image. She reincarnated as Malvina from the story about Pinocchio and the golden key. For this, the singer tried on a multi-tiered white-boiled dress with sleeves-lanterns and a voluminous “Claudine” collar, which lies on the hangers of the dress. The highlight of the image was the pop diva’s hairstyle: Sasha was not afraid to experiment with the style, preferring a wig with blue hair.

Singer Sasha Savelyeva
Sasha Savelyeva in Malvina’s snow-white dress posed with blue hair. Photo:

“I like my friends for their passionate temperament and imagination! Well, when would I still go to a party like this ?! Olesya Sudzilovskaya, thanks for the holiday! ” – said the singer.

Sasha was delighted with her transformation. The artist appears everywhere with her husband Kirill Safonov. However, in the frame, the singer posed alone. Maybe the beloved of the ex-soloist of the Fabrika group stayed at home with his son Leon.

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