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Almaci: ‘We can extend two nuclear reactors’

An extension of two nuclear reactors after the planned nuclear phase-out in 2025 is option B in the coalition agreement and is therefore also an option for Groen. Chairman Meyrem Almaci has acknowledged this in The morning on Radio 1. Almaci emphasized that this option will only become clear after the auction of new production capacity this autumn.

In recent days, calls have been made from various quarters to keep two more nuclear power plants open during the planned nuclear exit in 2025, including at MR and Défi.

“This is option B that is in the coalition agreement,” Almaci says about the extension. ‘We negotiated that coalition agreement ourselves, so that is possible for us. ‘

Earlier, Ecolo co-chairman Jean-Marc Nollet in The standardalready indicated that an extension of the lifespan of the nuclear power stations for the French-speaking Greens is a possibility. ‘If necessary, one or two nuclear power stations will remain open longer. I’m sober about that’

‘Awaiting auction’

“We don’t want the lights to go out,” Almaci emphasizes. She points out that the emphasis in the coalition agreement is on security of supply for our country and on keeping the electricity price under control. ‘At the auction we will see how many companies want to invest in new production capacity. Let’s wait for that auction. We’re on track.’

The chairman of Groen therefore did not want to comment on the question of how much longer the two nuclear reactors could remain open. ‘That debate will then take place.’

With regard to the arrival of new gas-fired power plants, which emit a lot of CO2 and are therefore negative for the climate, Almaci said that those plants will only be active during a transition period. ‘The great merit of the coalition agreement is that the debate about the closure of nuclear power stations has ended after seventeen years.’

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