All you need to know about the Kahraba crisis with the Sudanese Martian

The case of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba and the Sudanese Al-Merrikh occupied many people during the last period after Sudanese press reports indicated that Al-Merrikh had decided to file an official complaint against Kahraba to the African Union for the allegation of racism that was issued by the Al-Ahly player towards his counterpart in Mars during the two teams’ last match in the African Championship, which he won Al-Ahly with three clean.

In the following report, we list the most important information about what was raised about the Kahraba case and racism:

Q: What is the fact that Mars filed an official complaint against Kahraba on the grounds of racism?

A: Sudanese press reports said that Al-Merrikh intends to file an official complaint against Al-Ahly and its player Kahraba, alleging that the Al-Ahly player has acted racist against the Al-Merrikh player.

Q: Did an official comment come out from Mars regarding this crisis?

A: Al-Merrikh denied this crisis, as Ahmed Mukhtar, a member of the Board of Directors of Al-Merrikh, confirmed in press statements that his club had not considered submitting an official complaint against Al-Ahly regarding the Kahraba incident.

Q: What about Al-Ahly’s position on this crisis?

A: Al-Ahly announced through Mohamed Morgan, the club’s executive director, that none of the Mars ’officials had spoken with the Red Castle in this case, and that Al-Ahly’s relationship with the hero of Sudan is wonderful and there is nothing to disrupt it with evidence that Mars officials gave Al-Ahly a special shield to the club after the match. The same act.

Q: Will there be electricity on this nation?

A: Kahraba did not fully discuss this matter and did not disclose what happened, but Al-Ahly administration confirmed that the issue is just journalistic jurisprudence that does not exist on the ground.

Q: What about Mars’s statements after the Al-Ahly match?

A: The statements that came out of the Al-Mars administration are positive and strong against Al-Ahly administration, especially after Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of Al-Ahly’s medical staff, reassured two members of the brotherly Sudanese team.

Abu Abla said that he followed the case of two of the players of the Mars team after he was surprised by the Sudanese team doctor, Muhammad Kamal, asking him to intervene in the examination of two of the players of the Mars team after the end of the match. Hospitals, who carried out the necessary x-rays and examinations Even they accompanied the brotherly Sudanese team mission.

Abu Abla confirmed that he was keen to communicate with the Sudanese doctor; To check on the condition of the two-team team, and to emphasize the good and distinctive relations between the two clubs.



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