Marwan Mohsen’s agent: We are studying the player’s departure from Al-Ahly on loan

Tamer Al-Nahhas, the agent of Marawan Mohsen, striker of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that Marwan Mohsen is a great player with great technical capabilities, as evidence of his continuing with the Red Genie until now, adding: “Marwan does not differ on his technical abilities, but luck is still not befitting him […]

All you need to know about the Kahraba crisis with the Sudanese Martian

The case of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba and the Sudanese Al-Merrikh occupied many people during the last period after Sudanese press reports indicated that Al-Merrikh had decided to file an official complaint against Kahraba to the African Union for the allegation of racism that was issued by the Al-Ahly player towards his counterpart in Mars during […]

Taher joins Maaloul and Salah Mohsen in the Al-Ahly injured list

Al-Ahly player Taher Mohamed Taher will be absent from the team’s match against Al-Merrikh, the Sudanese tomorrow, in the African Championship due to the injury he suffered recently, specifically in front of the Brazilian Palmeiras in the World Cup clubs to determine the third and fourth places, which Al-Ahly settled with penalty kicks. Taher Mohamed […]

Ahmed Rayan asks to leave Al-Ahly in the January transfers

Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Al-Ahly striker, expressed his desire to leave the ranks of the Red Castle during the current winter transfers, and to move to one of the clubs in which he basically guarantees participation, especially after leaving the technical accounts of the technical staff led by Pitso Musimani. Ahmed Yasser Rayan wants to preserve […]

Marwan Mohsen refuses to leave Al-Ahly on loan

Al-Ahly striker Marawan Mohsen rejected the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving during this January on loan to the end of the current season, adhering to the final departure in the event that the team does not need its efforts, claiming that he is not a young or obscure player until he leaves Al-Ahly on loan in order […]

Al-Ahly contracts with Mohamed Alaa for 4 seasons

Al-Ahly club contracting officials contracted with Mohamed Alaa, the midfielder of the team, born in 2000, for four seasons during the current summer transfer period. Alaa appeared strongly during the last period with those born in 2000, and the Contracting Committee decided to contract with him and ascend to the first team and the 1999 […]

Ahmed Beckham was infected with the Corona virus hours after his move to Al-Ahly

Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, the new Al-Ahly player, was infected with the Corona virus after he underwent a medical examination during the past hours, and he tested positive for the virus that has officially infected five Al-Ahly players so far, who are electrified, Walid Suleiman, Saleh Juma, Muhammad Sharif and Ahmed Yasser Rayan, and Beckham’s infection […]