All set for the return of thousands of students to New York public schools amid controversies over the coronavirus | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

to move the car.patricia: let’s change the subject tothis hour, in the middle ofprotests start the spaceschool on campuspublics of new york. themayor bill de blasio no podademand the covid 19 vaccinethere are those who present rules ofillnesses or beliefsreligious. before the poetryisabel peralta is livefrom washington in manhattan andfrom there he explains to us at.How is the return tolessons.isabel: 1,000,000students from the city ofnew york is preparingthis from the middle of thisback to class experimentin people, after theperson all over the country duringthe pandemic, is here in newyork.even though allprotocols are readyhealth and safety, there is a lotvaccine debateobligatoryfor staff andlearning in person. frommade teachers and parents arethey manifested against, yesterdaySunday,claiming that they will not send theirchildren and grandchildren upon return toschool. all the employeesfrom the department of educationof the city includingschool staffmust be vaccinated andshow proof of havingreceived at least one dosebefore September 27. thean image of a cardvaccination or passport.It also requires that allstudents and staff whoride school buses andanywhere in theschools, both indoorsas outside, take coverface . regardlessfrom the vaccination status, tounless aof the city follow the guidelinesof the cdc with respect tosocial distancing.>> we know that they willsee cases of covid and children andwe can prevent it now,tell the mayor>> we demand that they give us thatoption to keep them at home andto continue giving educationthey deserve, without having thethreat that they are going to send usto the house.>> we keep begging themayor to give you remote opcónto some student, those whatwork continues.isabel: protective equipmentto make sure thestaff and everyone in theschools are protected. I knowhopes that the school chancellorI visited the school who


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