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This autumn, it’s time again for a number of celebrities to swing around on the floor in the popular “Shall we dance” circus, and already high points have sat loose with the judges.

Last Saturday, sexologist Iselin Guttormsen (34) withdraw due to fracture of the ankle, and this weekend it was social debater Elin Ørjasæter (59) who had to thank for the dance.

One of those who was in danger of breaking out during Saturday’s broadcast was artist Alejandro Fuentes (33).

This is what Santino’s girlfriend, Evelina Moholt, says about him dancing closely with others Saturday after Saturday in “Skal vi danse”. Reporter: Sofie Losen Video: Steffen Pettersen
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– A lot of emotions

When Dagbladet had a chat with the 33-year-old during the break before the vote, he could tell that he was very happy with the dance.

– I really think it went very well. I do everything I can to get better.

The artist, who first became known to the Norwegian people through “Idol”, points out that he has had fun so far through the dance adventure. Precisely for this reason, no one wants to leave the competition.

– We invest a lot of emotions, and even if it’s just a TV show and a competition, you become… You understand when they talk about the dance bubble. You invest a lot of emotion in it, he says, and adds:

– And then you are away from the family.

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Four weeks

Alejandro says that one of the things that came as a surprise to him is all the emotions you feel through the “Shall we dance” adventure. It simply becomes all-consuming, he says.

The most difficult thing, however, has been the great longing for the family. In 2014 he married his fiancée, Christina Kobbeltvedt Fuentes (29), in Kristiansand Cathedral. Together they have sons Max and Leo.

– I have not seen the family in four weeks now, so of course you feel it.

The plan is for the family to visit next weekend, something he is really looking forward to.

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– A new adventure

– It is of course awkward to be away from the family, but I do not want to be voted home for it. I would like to have them here and get that love from them, he points out.

Fortunately, we live in a time when it is easy to communicate with each other regardless of distance.

– It will be FaceTime three times a day. Imagine in the past when you did not have that opportunity, then there would have been a crisis. At least now we get to see each other.

As mentioned, Alejandro and his wife Christina have sons Max and Leo. In January, however, he becomes a father again – this time to a little girl.

– It will be fun. It will be a girl, so I’m really looking forward to it – I have not done it before. It will be a new adventure.

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– How do you become a girl’s dad?

– Probably very overprotective. But there will probably be a boy girl who will learn jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing and all that – hopefully she likes it. Then she becomes a tough guy, a little bone in her nose, he smiles.


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