Alexway Claims to Serve at Police Headquarters, Here’s How to Have a Police KTA

Police member logo. Photo/illustration: archive, JAKARTA – Polantas Polda Metro Jaya secured a person named Alexway Hendra Himawan (35) who drives a Daihatsu Xenia car with plate B 2355 TKI. Police suspect the number plate is fake.

Spokesman for Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Yusri Yunus revealed that the traffic police stopped Alexway who was driving on the Inner City Toll Road, Tuesday (15/6).

“The vehicle may have (used) an incorrect or fake number,” said Yusri in Jakarta Polda Metro Jaya, Wednesday (16/6).

The 1991 graduate of the Police Academy (Akpol) added that suspicious officers asked Alexway to show his driving license (SIM) and vehicle registration. However, Alexway instead issued a police membership card (KTA) and admitted to serving at the National Police Headquarters.

Even so, the police who stopped Alexway did not immediately believe in the KTA. The police’s suspicion grew and suspected that the KTA was fake.

Alexway, said Yusri, also could not answer the police’s questions.

There was a conjecture at that time ATC This is not genuine, the person concerned is not a member of the National Police,” said the former Director of Security for Vital Objects at the Riau Islands Police.

Therefore, the police immediately took Alexway to the Polda Metro Jaya. In front of the officers, Alexway admitted that he obtained the National Police ID card by buying it.



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