Alexander Serov said that it prevents him from finding a new wife

Famous singer and musician Alexander Serov on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1” told about a difficult relationship with his already ex-wife Elena, as well as why he no longer hopes to find himself a new life friend.

According to the artist, for the first time he saw his future wife Elena “at some concert in the House of Culture.” The girl was then 18 years old, and Alexander 38 years old.

“She was a beauty. Curvy, athlete. All this could not but touch me, my sentimental soul,” Serov shared his memories.

According to the singer, he hoped that he would marry once and for life. However, it did not work out for life. The divorce was painful for both spouses and was accompanied by loud scandals. At the same time, Serov blames his ex-wife’s twin sister Olga for the breakdown of the marriage.

After the divorce, the singer began to live apart and try to help people who were in a difficult situation.

“I won’t find my woman anymore. No matter how I turn, no matter how I turn! Everything has burned out too much, and age makes itself felt,” admitted Alexander Serov, adding that only music can save him in this situation.

“You go into space, you believe in the Lord more, you become responsible before your conscience, you want to do more good, which is what I am doing now,” the musician said.


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