The new application replaces 15 messengers with one

Erik Mihikovski, the founder of smart watch maker Pebble, announced the launch of a new Beeper service, which brings together a dozen and a half messengers – including WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Slack and Skype – under one interface. The aggregator works by subscription – it can be connected for $ 10 per month. The Beeper […]

Gene therapy defeats paralysis

Using advances in genetics, scientists returned mobility to mice with spinal cord injury. As a result of the treatment, the nerve pathways in their spine recovered, and the paralysis of the limbs receded. Researchers hope that this technique will help paralyzed people in due time. The achievement is described in scientific articlepublished in the journal […]

Germany chooses possible successor to Merkel

Potential successor to be elected in Germany on Saturday Angela Merkel… The day before, a congress of conservatives opened there, and it will determine the new chairman of the party. 1001 delegates will vote. Three candidates apply for the post of head of the CDU – the former head of the faction in the Bundestag […]

mother passed cancer to her baby during childbirth

Scientists described a case, which has not yet been analogous in medical practice. The baby breathed in the mother’s cancer cells during childbirth and thus contracted lung cancer. At the same time, a similar misfortune, apparently, happened to two small patients at once. Details are in scientific article, published in the New England Journal of […]

LG showed a smartphone with a folding screen

LG has demonstrated a smartphone with a roll-type display. The screen of the futuristic device – LG Rollable – is automatically pulled out of the case, increasing its diagonal. The concept was shown at CES 2021, which is taking place online this year. What technologies are involved for the folding screen, LG did not reveal. […]

Regina Todorenko was taken to hospital with “hellish” pain

TV presenter Regina Todorenko was taken to an Indonesian hospital. She sustained a leg injury while on holiday in Bali. Todorenko reported the incident on Instagram. The presenter cut her leg with a reef, while a piece of coral remained in her leg. Regina notes that her leg hurts like hell. She felt unwell only […]

Christmas explosion and Pentagon special plan

More dramatic news from the USA. The Tennessee state authorities officially named deliberate explosionthundering in downtown Nashville. How does this overlap with the countdown to transfer of power in Washington? The Christmas bombing in Nashville was not without casualties. Human remains were found among the charred debris and broken glass at the corner of Second […]

Zelensky gave a forecast in case of war with Russia

Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is ready to fight in the event of an “attack” by Russia from the Crimea. In an interview with the “Focus” edition, he said that he was against the war, “he does not even want to present” and hopes that this is impossible. According to him, the situation will be […]

Stimulant of smell will save from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Experts have created a small wearable device that stimulates the olfactory nerves. This unusual measure can help a patient fight against Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Clinical trials of the novelty are planned to begin before the end of 2020. Development is described in scientific articlepublished in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience by scientists from the United […]