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Alena’s horoscope: Libra to listen to their intuition, Scorpios to be compliant


You have the strength, even though the day is a holiday, to overcome the biggest difficulties along the way, of course, if you take matters into your own hands and guarantee your future professional success. In the workplace, you do an excellent job, but it is better to postpone business meetings and conversations to save yourself future problems. Mercury has different plans for you. Change your relationship with your family and your elderly relatives for the better, because they rely entirely on you. If you have a loved one by your side, indulge in intimate moments and sexual pleasures.


Consider whether you have free funds to invest to avoid losses according to the warnings of retrograde Mercury. Businessmen should not be tempted by the weekend of the proposals are to expand or merge the business they are developing, just because they want to be useful to their acquaintances. Your endeavors bring success, but to your surprise also risky deals. Find a way to apologize if you have offended your intimate partner. A romantic dinner in a nice restaurant can smooth out the conflict between you and give you unforgettable sexual moments.


Your success on the weekend depends on urgent changes, but only if you do not oppose Fate and if you follow the requirements of retrograde Mercury. You are nervous about not being able to complete your tasks until the end of the working day. Your irresponsible attitude to the set tasks will cause you trouble, regardless of whether you are employed in the private or public sector. Be careful. Expect problems in the family due to the carelessness of your close friend, who is jealous of your husband. Do not plan a meeting with friends you have invited to dinner, so as not to further aggravate the situation.


In the workplace, you will once again reap success and earn a raise or a new job, even though it is a day off. There will be no shortage of difficulties, because you tend to give up your job instead of giving in to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Be in harmony with yourself and your moral principles. In the afternoon you will be surprised by an acquaintance, and in the evening you will have an unforgettable romantic meeting. If you are married, do not cheat, so as not to ruin the harmonious relationship in your home, but also so as not to deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


Do not miss the opportunities for excellent display of your intellect and gifts on this weekend. You have to do your job responsibly and without complaining, despite Mercury’s retrograde motion. Difficulties that you do not expect at all will become another reason for your even greater activity and desire to prove yourself and you will succeed. Take a walk or see friends. In pleasant company you will get rid of stress and you will not be aggressive towards your beloved or your spouse. Sexual pleasures are another way to recharge your batteries.


On the weekend, don’t argue with your colleagues for no reason or just because you’re angry at someone and looking for someone to vent your anger on. Do not try to carry out your plans without regard to resources. The ventures were unsuccessful in Mercury’s retrograde motion. Give them up and give yourself to your duties, which will bring you success if you complete them on time. In the evening, expect a romantic date that can give you unforgettable moments, but if you are married and ruin your marriage, because you can fall in love and forget about the whole world


Your professional plans may change in a negative direction if you trust your luck on the weekend or entrust your work to your colleagues, who in retrograde Mercury may deliberately fail you instead of help, and the excuse will then be presented that it will be your fault. Listen to your intuition. Beware of deteriorating relationships with your colleagues and business partners. Conflicts are possible in your personal life, followed by sudden changes in mood due to your malaise. Your relationship is once again under scrutiny. Your sexual relationship is completely frozen.


Be agreeable with your colleagues, business partners and subordinates. Otherwise, their opposition on the weekend will be a reason instead of success, to experience stagnation, which will not benefit you if you do not comply with the requirements of retrograde Mercury. It is not desirable to travel. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The situation in your home is icy because of suspicions of infidelity, which are caused by intrigues that have reached your partner. Manifestations of jealousy, which will lead to scandal and misunderstanding and deprivation of sexual pleasures, are not ruled out.


Despite the tension in the relationship, the weekend promises you success and a well-deserved high recognition that deserves, but arouses the envy of others. Decide whether to help your colleagues or it is better not to give them a hand that will not be appreciated, because Mercury is retrograde. Postpone the planned trip and take on the tasks you have to complete by the end of the working day. You are romantic and full of love for your loved one. He will appreciate your attitude, but do not persuade him to make purchases caused by your desire to pamper yourself. Better agree to go to a restaurant, and then indulge in unforgettable intimate moments and sexual pleasures.


In the workplace, it is in your best interest not to be distracted and irresponsible in your duties, even though the day is a holiday, to deepen and finish an important task that no longer allows procrastination. The business meetings planned for today are successful if you do not criticize and listen. Whatever difficulties you encounter from the retrograde motion of Mercury, accept them as another opportunity to shine in front of your colleagues. It is up to you whether you will visit family friends in the evening or you will be alone with your relatives. Don’t miss the sexual pleasures because of your neighbors who refuse to leave and still want to talk. Tell them you are tired and you will go to bed.


You are doing well with your tasks, but try to finish them by noon on the weekend. In the afternoon you will have to meet with your colleagues who want to help them, but consider whether it is within your means. Your refusal will disappoint them less than unfulfilled hope, because Mercury is retrograde. It suppresses your reluctance to comply with new regulations in the workplace, some of which you disagree with. Consider starting a family if you are single, dear ladies, and maintain a harmonious relationship with your intimate partner. Sexual pleasures are the natural and pleasant end of the day.


Implement your professional ideas and start discussing the planned new projects, even though the day is a holiday. Those involved in the construction and sale of real estate will be successful. A prerequisite for success is to rely on your mind, not your feelings. Beware of investment talks, even though you are not forbidden to hold them, and remember that Mercury is retrograde. If you are not a family lady, you can meet people who accept and understand you and will lovingly give you a heart that longs for feelings and tenderness. Sexual pleasures are allowed if you know your new partners well and decide to deepen your relationship.

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