Al Hilal management reveals the truth about the team’s negotiation with Cristiano Ronaldo: would he have played in the Saudi League?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Al Hilal Club president Fahd bin Nafel said his team negotiated Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United player, during the summer transfer market, pointing out that denying club registration had caused the suspension of negotiations.

Fahd bin Nafel said in an interview with Saudi site “Eighth”: “Yes, the Al Hilal club negotiated with player Cristiano Ronaldo, but there was a problem, which was that we were walking on the fact that the decision of the center arbitration was informed not to ban, we were optimistic about it, but we respect the decision, and we have not completed the negotiations “.

The president of the Al Hilal club answered the question of whether there was an opportunity to include the Portuguese star at the time, saying, “Sure, Al Hilal is able to negotiate the best players in the world”, but he refused to reveal the value of the amount offered to Cristiano Ronaldo to convince him to participate in the Saudi League competition.

Fahd bin Nafel went on to say, “We as a club are in the process of litigation, but imagine if a decision comes to allow registration and you have a short time and you haven’t worked, you can’t do anything. Or we respect the decision. and stop “.

And the Saudi Football Association’s Dispute Resolution Chamber had previously decided to prevent Al-Hilal from registering for two transitional periods, and imposed a fine, last May, against the backdrop of contract renewal events for player Muhammad Kanoo, who he had another contract with Al-Nasr.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name has been associated with leaving Manchester United over the summer, amid discussions of negotiations with several European clubs, in addition to Al Hilal.

Ronaldo, 37, has played 6 games with the ‘Red Devils’, most of them as substitutes, in the English Premier League this season, during which he failed to score or in the industry.

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