GISMETEO: Food Allergies May Protect Against Severe Coronavirus – Coronavirus Epidemic

During the study, experts found that a number of foods, viruses and vaccines can trigger an immune response to the covid. This happens due to proteins that train the immune system to give an aggressive reaction when confronted COVID-19. To this end, we analyzed the effects of one hundred and eighty different food proteins, two vaccines and fifteen bacterial and viral proteins on human antibodies.

The strongest reaction was noted in the presence of the intestinal bacterium enterococcus fecalis, vaccines against pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus. In addition, the proteins found in roasted almonds, cashews, broccoli, pork, milk, pineapple and soy have also been affected.


But it is important not only to use these products to protect themselves from covid – to form immunity, a person must have a food allergy. So, despite their effectiveness in laboratory tests, they won’t be used to replace existing vaccines.

In August, experts calculated the likelihood of long-term covid symptoms. It turned out that every infected eighth detects a long-term preservation of the signs of the disease.

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