Al Hilal clings to Michel…and postpones Neymar’s fate

“Judo Al-Ula” wins the lion’s share of the Saudi Games medals

Prince Fahd bin Jalawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed, Vice President of the Saudi Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Director of the Saudi Games, crowned the winners of the judo competitions, where Al-Hilal player Mohammed Firak won gold in the under-60 kilogram category, followed by silver for Al-Shabab player Moataz Khoja, and Mohammed Falata, player. Al-Ola and Ali Minyawi, Qalwa player, won bronze.

Abdulaziz Al-Bishi, the Al-Ula player, won the gold in the under-66 kilogram category, and Nader Hazazi, the Al-Qadisiyah Club player, won the silver, while Abdullah Al-Barakati, the Al-Ittihad player, and Moanis Hawsawi, the Al-Ula player, won the bronze. In the under 73 kg competition, Abdullah Hammad, the Al-Ula player, won the gold, Jawad Sardidi, the Al-Shabab player, won the silver, and Suleiman Hammad, the Al-Ula player, and Yasser Ayyad, the Al-Ittihad player, won the bronze.

Muhammad Al-Harbi, the Qalwa Club player, also won gold in the under-73 kilogram category, followed by Abdul-Ilah Al-Bali, the Al-Ula Club player, who won the silver, and Saeed Suruji, the Al-Ahly player, and Matouk Al-Naas, the Al-Ittihad player, won the bronze.

Nayef Mazio, a player from Al-Ula, won gold in the weight category over 90 kilograms, Rakan Zidan, a player from Al-Tai Club, won silver, and Abdulkarim Al-Bishi, a player from Al-Qadisiyah, and Amjad Fallata, a player from Qalwa Club, won bronze.

He also crowned the winners of the chess competitions, which were held in the swimming hall of the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Olympic Complex.

Ahmed Al-Rahili won the gold medal in the Classic category for men, Mohammed Salahat won the silver medal, and Ahmed Al-Thabeti won the bronze.

Dalia Al-Sumairi won gold in the women’s classic category, followed by Hala Shaheen in silver, while Asma Al-Jabri won bronze.

From the crowning of judo champions (Middle East)

For its part, the Al-Qadisiyah team won the gold medal in the men’s team time trial, in the cycling competition. The team was represented by Faisal Suleiman Al-Sha’i, Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Omrani, Yousef Bilal Badado, and Badr Abdulaziz Al-Muhanna.

The Al-Salam team won second place and the silver medal, followed by Al-Fateh Club in third place and the bronze medal.

The Mudar and Al-Khaleej teams qualified for the final of the youth handball competition, which will be held on Saturday afternoon in the sports arena at King Saud University.

The Mudar team defeated its Al-Ahly counterpart on Friday with a score of 23-20, while the Gulf team beat its counterpart Al-Nour with a score of 29-27 in the two semi-final matches.

Hassan Qadri won the gold medal in the men’s 2000 meters competition, in the indoor rowing competition, and Rakan Ali Reda won the silver medal, while Sally Daniel won the bronze medal.

In the women’s 2000 meters competition, Emma Merrick won the gold medal, Haya Al-Mami won the silver medal, while Kariman Abu Al-Jadayel won the bronze medal.

From the women’s indoor rowing competition (Middle East)

In the mixed team indoor rowing competition, the gold was won by the sixth team, represented by Rakan Ali Reda, Hussein Ali Reda, Emma Merrick, and Kariman Abu Al-Jadayel, while the silver was won by the 12th team, represented by Hassan Qadri, Khaled Shaker, Iman Rafiq and Haya Al-Mami, and the bronze was won by the team. The fifth, which is represented by Maytham Al Hajji, Sally Daniel, Faten Mirza, and Lina Al-Ahmari.

Nadia Al-Arousi, Al-Nasr Club player, and Maysan Bin Hussein, Al-Salam Club player, qualified for the final match of the tennis (singles) competition. Nadia had qualified for the final after her victory on Friday over her teammate, Safaa Shahbaz, in the semi-final match, while player Maysan Bin Hussein surpassed her counterpart, Lara Bukhari, a player from Al-Nasr Club, while the match to determine the bronze medalist will be held between Safaa Shahbaz and Lara Bukhari.

The two brothers, Ammar Al-Haqbani and Saud Al-Haqbani, players of the Al-Ittihad team, qualified for the final match of the men’s tennis competitions, while Suleiman Al-Qassim will face Abdul Majeed Bukhari to determine the bronze medalist. Ammar Al-Haqbani had defeated Suleiman Al-Qassim, the Al-Hilal player, in the semi-finals, and Saud Al-Haqbani defeated Abdul Majeed. Bukhari, Al-Ahly player.

The final match in the handball competition (men), which will bring together Al-Nour and Al-Khaleej, will be held on Saturday at 5:30 pm, in the sports arena at King Saud University. Meanwhile, Mudar will meet Al-Huda Al-Sa’ah in the match for third place.

The semi-final matches took place on Saturday, which resulted in Al-Nour defeating Mudar with a score of 32-28, while Al-Khaleej defeated its counterpart Al-Huda with a score of 31-30.

On the other hand, the “Saudi Wolves” team won the gold medal in the rugby sevens competition, while the “Riyadh Falcons” team won the silver medal, and the “Jeddah RFC” team won the bronze medal.

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