Remembering the Legacy of mKollam Sudhi and the Strength of Renu Sudhi

mKollam Sudhi was Layalam’s favorite artist. His friends and relatives have yet to come to terms with his untimely demise. Sudhi’s wife Renu and children are recovering from the big shock in their life. Now Renu is talking about the difficulties he faced and the accusations he heard even after Sudhi’s death. Renu says that when she put the reels for her peace of mind, people told her that she will get married next year and that she will leave the elder child. Their opening was at Josh Talk.

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These are the words of Renu Sudhi

We were about to have a good time. By then, fate had taken Sudhichet. It is true to say that fate is cruel. Sudhi Chettan was everything to me. But that fate cheated Sudhichettan. When I came to know about the incident, I felt like something went off in my head. When Sudhichettan was brought home, I ran away saying I didn’t want to see him. Even then, people said, ‘Don’t you see, she doesn’t want to see Sudhi? What a thing she is’. I asked one thing, Sudhichettan, who slept with me till the day before, came the next day with a lifeless body. I can’t see it. That’s why I ran away. I finally saw Ethan. Yet I did not fall. I got some courage, the courage to live forward. All the wishes of Sudhichetan should be fulfilled through me and my children. When I put a reel to my peace of mind, people said that she will get married next year and she will leave the elder child. At first it was difficult. Those who say it are just saying it. I thought that I can’t shut anyone’s mouth. I will live on for my children. There is only that thought. Sudhichettan is always within me. And there is. We have to live and show in front of this society.

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