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“Age-Appropriate Medical Exams: What Tests to Undergo at Each Stage of Life”

What are the examinations that should be undergone at each age?

This question may be the most important that we ask ourselves, males and females, in order to preserve our health.

Public health expert Dr. Jazla Fadda answers this question.

In the twenties:

The US Preventive Services Agency recommends starting screening in their 20s for hepatitis C, as well as screening for cervical cancer in women at average risk from ages 21 to 65.

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What are the examinations that should be undergone at each age?

In the thirties:

  • Continue Pap smears for women every 3 years.
  • Start thinking of getting tested for diabetes and cholesterol.

They also advise that people who are overweight or obese should start considering type 2 diabetes and cholesterol screening from the age of 35, and that people with higher risk factors undergo early blood screening.

In the forties:

And in their 40s, it is recommended that women undergo a mammogram every two years to diagnose breast cancer, according to the latest new guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

  • Colorectal cancer screening

At the age of 45, doctors also recommend screening for colorectal cancer

  • Ophthalmic examination

Eyes are of great importance to doctors, as they demand an examination for eye diseases, especially for those with a family history.

In the fifties:

It is recommended that women undergo osteoporosis screening if a health care provider determines that they are at high risk of fracture. Screening for lung cancer is recommended for people ages 50 to 80 with a history of smoking.

Doctors say the guidelines recommend that men be screened for prostate cancer.

In the sixties:

In their 60s, it remains essential that women age 65 or older be screened for osteoporosis with a bone density test to help prevent fractures.

It is recommended that men who smoke or have ever smoked undergo a one-time screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm between the ages of 65 and 75, according to the recommendations.

Added to all these tests, of course, are the examinations of each person according to his family and medical history, in the hope of keeping the specter of diseases away and living in good health.

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