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“Dijon Sport Discovery: The First Step towards Athletic Vocation”

A footbridge. This is how Mathieu Abbate, sports director of Dijon (Côte-d’Or), designates Dijon Sport Découverte which totals 11,000 participations per year, with the particularity of welcoming young people, but also some 500 adults. The objective, adds the director, “is not to take the place of the clubs, but on the contrary to associate them to help the practitioners to set foot in the stirrup, before moving towards a discipline and an association . It is a first step”.

  • Mobilize young citizens to strengthen the financial health of sports associations

From discovery to sometimes vocation

The device, created about twenty years ago for the youngest under the title of “Holidays for those who stay”, is open to adults, all year round and is available …

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