After the elections: With 99% of the votes processed, the order is maintained – Elections 2021

Problems with the transmission of protocols by the sectional commissions are due to the fact that in some places there was a poor organization by the district election commissions and by the respective municipalities. This was said to BTV by Rositsa Mateva, chairwoman of the public council at the CEC. “It was unacceptable to make people wait outside, outdoors or on buses,” Mateva commented.

“Traditionally, waiting is done, protocols are processed at night and handed over. Now, because of this way of drafting the protocol, it was clear and we warned that there would be many mistakes in filling it out, especially in collecting preferences, and it came true,” added Mateva.

According to her, the longer wait was due to the summarization of data from paper voting and machine voting, their collection and transfer to paper.

According to her, the errors in the protocols cannot affect the election results, because the traditional paper voting is known, the results of the machine voting are extracted and compared with the one recorded in the paper protocol.

“In Veliko Tarnovo, the error with machine voting was due to a human factor. Someone gave the wrong list to enter in the software of the machines,” Mateva said. Machine voting in Veliko Tarnovo was suspended at the beginning of election day. “It is inadmissible for me for the district election commission not to check on Saturday at the latest what is contained in the data in the machine,” she noted. According to her, the CEC is also responsible for ordering this from the DEC. “Otherwise, the machine vote happened because out of 9,400 machines, about 20 did not work – they did not start or had some problems. Quite a large percentage of people voted with machines,” she said.

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Speaking abroad, she noted that the number of polling stations abroad was apparently small. “We recommended to the CEC to increase the number of members of the sectional commissions,” Mateva noted.

“There will be no delay in announcing the results, they will announce in time, said Rositsa Mateva. It is necessary for the members of the election commissions to be trained, this time the training was only online,” Mateva added.

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