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“After Christmas, clowns come and go”, what is the stalk of “The clown is myself”? | Zhishu No.92_Young people

Original title: “After Christmas, clowns appear”, what is the stalk of “The clown is me?” | Knowing Book No.92

It turned out that it was because he stayed up all night to help the goddess on Christmas Day. He was about to take this opportunity to confess, but the goddess replied:

“The clown is myself” has recently appeared frequently on social platforms where young people gather. On a question-and-answer platform, there were as many as 1,744 analysis of this word alone, and it also gained more than 7.5 million popularity.

From social animals, to leeks, to hit workers, to today’s clowns, why do young people create these stalks one after another?

Clown, originally referred to as a circus actor. The clowns drew exaggerated smiles, their movements were funny, for people to make fun of, and no one knew whether the clowns themselves were bitter, because they only had a smiling makeup.

As a result, netizens often think of him who is unsatisfactory in life but has to work hard to keep smiling.

The development and growth of the word “clown” on the Internet began with Tieba. In the beginning, “Shakou” (a homophonic of Sako the clown in League of Legends) was frequently used by netizens. The barrage and post bars in the live broadcast room were “like a clown/shakou, so pitiful”.

There are three heroes in the League of Legends, with the Joker on the far right

Later, netizens combined it with the ironic “yin and yang words” of “the master is by my side” to form the phrase “the clown is by my side”.

The clown here has specifically referred toFor people who are shy and try their best to please others, but get no return or greetings, Netizens mostly used to make fun of each other and laugh at themselves.

And because some media recently published a commentary on “the writer”, which aroused the anger of some netizens, netizens extended the meaning of clown, pointing toWork hard but get no return or greetings (maybe criticized or mocked by others)People.

This short sentence is cleverly in the word “Jing”, which embodies the speaker’s sudden realization of the cruel truth and the embarrassment and absurdity of Zeng wishful thinking.

“‘The clown is myself’ is my summary of this year”

It can be seen that in recent years, young people have been unexpectedly firm on the road of self-deprecating and deceiving:

Social animals, licking dogs, hitting workers, leeks, clowns…

I believe that more words will be filled in later.

Although these words are just jokes used by netizens to adjust their lives, behind them are the bitterness of this young man.

The lives of young people can be summed up with the word “difficult”.

On the one hand, under the background of the era of “solidity”, the solidification of classes prevents young people from seeing the front of their hard work. Rising housing prices force young people to retreat step by step, and the market economy has brought young people to the last session. There are a lot of opportunities, but it has gradually matured but not fully matured, and it has brought anxiety to this young man.

Through long-term observation of 4,500 students, 10 years of follow-up visits, and constant comparison with his own generation, the Yellow Lantern, who taught at the second college, wrote down the difficulty of young people being put on a wire in the current era. :

“For the post-70s, the luckiest place… is those of the same age who have missed higher education or been abandoned by the wave of lay-offs. As long as they take advantage of the situation, they can also take advantage of the situation to obtain good development opportunities… An era with the cheapest costs has quietly been honored.”

“This generation of children, facing their own situation, even takes everything for granted.
They can’t imagine an era where renting is unnecessary, and they never doubt the rationality of high housing prices.These realities they face at birth will hinder them from understanding their growth from more levels, and hinder them from breaking out of the values ​​of personal success and constructing their own complete, fulfilling, self-dominated, and powerful lives. Times just put a group of children on a wire. ”

The young people who are mostly only children are often shaded by their families before entering the society. The most important thing for them in the school’s ivory tower is the high scores.

After losing the full protection of the family and breaking into a society with different perceptions from the past, the pain of growth was beyond their expectations.

Graduates who were laid off by the company just 5 months after joining the company, rented a house but fell into the scam of the second landlord, a single girl with debts and cats, who had been free and unruly, vowed not to buy a house, and finally compromised with life and carried a 30-year mortgage. “Mountain Eagle Boy”, in “The True Story: Narrative of the Post-90s”, there is nowhere to hide the confusion, helplessness, struggle and compromise of young people.

So young people can only use self-deprecating to relieve their boredom so that life can go on.

Acceptance and insight into reality are the secrets that young people do not struggle with when facing the times and fate.

Therefore, young people describe and define themselves in a low profile over and over again, in a sense,Self-deprecation has even become their stress response to the unbearable.

And self-deprecating, as the “highest level of humor” (Herber Trull in “On Humor”), is indeed a good mechanism for coping with depression and anxiety.

Through jokes, young people dump their negative emotions one by one into the “network toilet”. In the process of creating and playing with each other, they feel the happiness beyond reality.

At the same time, they also reached a reconciliation with themselves in this detachment.

They temporarily discovered and teased the flaws in life with the eyes of outsiders:

“Man became a god at this time, and he temporarily got rid of this defect by insulting the defect of life.”

They laughed at themselves in their sufferings, “using this (self-deprecating) to stand on top of their own destiny, and in this way reached reconciliation with their destiny.” (Zhou Guoping “Man and Eternity”)

Through self-deprecating, young people use a roundabout way to turn the “wire” into a breathtaking trail. Although this road is not very wide, it is enough to let one breathe a sigh of relief and continue to stagger.

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