After appearing in a swimsuit: Arwa boldly infuriates the crowd about her dress and style

The Yemeni artist, Arwa, participated with her fans and followers through her official account on the photos and videos site (Instagram), with a collection of pictures of her taken during the last filming session, and she caused a sensation on social networking sites, where a block appeared that many followers considered bold.

She wore a short black dress, open to the chest.

She also sat in positions that some described as very bold, and despite the flirtation of a large number of the audience with her beauty and appearance, she did not escape the criticism that she considered that she appeared boldly, and that she has become deliberately provoked the audience by the way she appears and the videos she publishes. Arwa attached these photos to the commentary, where she wrote: “Remove from the human heart the love of beauty that robs life of its splendor and its attractiveness.”

In another context, the artist Arwa recently raised controversy, after appearing in a video clip while she was swimming in a resort wearing a one-piece swimsuit, according to what was reported by (Nort).

This prompted many observers to criticize her, believing that she had gone beyond the limits.

Many also remembered the video she posted following the big explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut, where she was heard crying and collapsing.

They also wrote in their comments: “God is the helper a week ago, you cry for Lebanon,” “I was helpless and the sins of Al-Fadi were concealed,” and “How many days before you cry because of the explosion. Oh Lord, the kindest of us.”

It is noteworthy that Arwa had participated in the last Ramadan season in the official Ramez Majnoon program, where she was luring the artist or famous to participate in the program, and she began the meeting until the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal appeared and performed the terrifying plot in the guest, and in about 28 episodes, Arwa starred in Every day with a different look, some of which were not without daring.


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