After all Rui Pinto was not hired by the Judiciary Police

“It is not true that Rui Pinto was hired by the Judiciary Police, so the PJ does not pay Rui Pinto any salary, “says a statement from the PJ sent to our newsroom.

Regarding news published in the media, according to which the defendant Rui Gonçalves Pinto was hired by the Judiciary Police, this security force explains that “it does not correspond to the truth that Rui Pinto has been hired by the Judiciary Police, so the PJ does not pay Rui Pinto any salary “.

The note also states that “according to the Witness Protection Law, Law 93/99, of July 14 and subsequent regulatory diplomas, it is considered” to testify any person who, regardless of his status under the procedural law, has information or knowledge necessary for the disclosure, perception or appreciation of facts that are the object of the process, the use of which results in a danger to you or to others “.

To conclude, the PJ states that “the defendant Rui Pinto is thus included in this legal provision, and all expenses with his protection are under the witness protection program”.

In carrying out its mission and in supporting the realization of Justice, the Judiciary Police reserves the right and the duty to use all legal means at its disposal, to discover the material truth of the crimes it investigates, always duly framed by legislation. penal procedure in force and by the competent Judicial Authorities.

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